A SPECIAL INVITATION to Become a Recognized Expert and Change Your Business Forever . . .

Customers will pay extra money in certain situations. What are they?

  • A designer or desired label
  • When they just really want it
  • When they are going to the recognized expert

Customers seek out specialty stores that have an expertise in a particular area.

How do you become the recognized expert?

First, it is with years of experience, but that doesn’t mean anything if no one knows about your years of experience. What is the common denominator that most recognized experts have in common?

The recognized experts have a published book!

I am a perfect example of this. I spent 25 years as a special occasion apparel retailer, but I never reached expert status until my book The Retail Business Kit for Dummies was released.

Here is your opportunity to become a recognized expert in the wedding industry by joining some of the best bridal store owners in North America.

Contribute your tips for the first published collection of ideas written by store owners who are on the front line of the bridal industry.

101 Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know about Buying Wedding Attire

Written by the Greatest Special Occasion and Bridal Shop Owners in North America

This is all possible because of the advances in publishing technology. We are now able to offer you an easy and affordable way to be recognized and published as an expert in the wedding industry.

YOU can be one of those contributing experts.

The concept is the same as my colleagues, Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield, did in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Yes, you can be part of an internationally published book that will help position you as the expert and premier store in your area. But it gets even better!

You have two different options in which to participate.

Option #2: Custom Cover + Marketing & Sales Package

101 Things

This covers everything in Option 1 with one significant added feature. With this option, you have the ability to customize the front and back covers of the book. We recommend a photograph of the shop owner for the front cover and a picture of the store or employees for the back cover—it is your decision. The best part is the price.

Your total cost for Option 2, which includes all the features of Option 1 (Press Kit, Media Guide, Countertop sign, website links and 35 books) plus the customized cover is $495. The retail value of the books alone is $700. That is why Option 2 has become the most popular way to go. This isn’t even considering the Internet sales benefit.

How often do you get an opportunity to sell a product online that you don’t have to inventory and that adds credibility to your business? This is a great value and a no-brainer.

Think of how this book will add dimension to your bridal show presence.

Within your press kit, we have included a special section on taking advantage of this publication at the hundreds of bridal shows that take place across North America.

Instant Credibility!

By being a published author, you will be adding credibility to any bridal show you choose to participate in, and we will show you ways for the organizer to add credibility to their show by featuring YOU. This is truly a win-win scenario. We will be limiting participation by geographic area to avoid any conflicts, specifically within the personalized cover in Option 2.

Sign me up for Option #1

Sign me up for Option #2

Option #1: Marketing & Sales Package

101 Things

Send us your tip or suggestion to be part of the 101 Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know about Buying Wedding Attire. Your tip, your name and the name of your store will be included in the opening credits of the book plus your store logo, contact information and a short description of your store will be included in the Appendix.

Turn your expertise into increased sales by capitalizing on the media exposure that book reviews and book announcements generate.

Your only responsibility is to write three tips or suggestions to be used in the book. We have professional editors who will polish your writing — it’s the substance that counts, not grammar!

Think about the public relations benefits . . .

This is not necessarily about selling books. It is about generating positive media exposure and buzz that will differentiate your business from the rest of the crowd. The key element in this program is a detailed professionally prepared press kit. Along with your press kit, you will receive a media guide with a simple step-by-step procedure manual on the best ways to use the press kit for maximum exposure. This package will have pre-written professionally prepared press releases that you can simply download and customize with the name of your business and contact information.

Our goal is to position you as the expert . . .

You will become the “go to” authority that the press will look to first. Because you will need to send review copies of the book to the various media outlets, you will purchase 20 books at the cost of $10 each, with a pre-printed price of $19.95. The goal is not about making money from the sale of the book; however, that will occur, too.

How much will all of this cost?

Here comes the real WOW! The cost for Option 1 is only $295, which includes the press kit, media guide, and 20 books with a retail value of almost $400. You will also receive a countertop sign that states: “We are proud to have been selected as one of the top bridal stores in North America and featured in the book 101 Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know about Buying Wedding Attire.” That sign alone adds instant credibility.

Offer the book on your website and profit from the sales!

You will receive a link to place on your website so customers can order the book and you don’t have to do any of the work. It will link to our order processing department and you will receive 40 percent of the sale of any book that is generated from your website. That’s passive income.

Another optional bonus is that you will have the ability to sell up to 5 pages to any of your wedding partners, such as caterers, function halls, bakers or florists who may want to be included in your book for exposure or just to congratulate you for being selected. Each camera-ready add will be $100 and you will receive 50 percent. Your total commitment is only $295 but it gets even better.

Customize the book cover for greater impact . . .