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Main Street StoresThis is the greatest and most lucrative time for retailers to succeed on Main Street in recorded history.


Because there are now more low cost or no cost marketing tools available for the independent retailer than have ever existed.  However, many retailers need a guide to discovering these new paths to prosperity on Main Street.  Great downtowns are comprised of great stores.  We make stores great.

There's business on Main Street and we know how to capture it by turning ordinary stores into extraordinary stores that customers talk about.  We can make these claims because Rick Segel spent 25 years as one of the most successful and independent women's specialty stores in New England.  He overcame a misguided urban renewal project that devastated a downtown and forced the closing of 97 stores while his business flourished and grew.

Rick's techniques and ways of doing business have been an inspiration and a road map for thousands of retailers worldwide.  That is why he has spoken at the National Town Meeting eight times.

Ready to revitalize YOUR downtown?  Rick Segel has worked with more than 200 communities throughout North America and Australia, helping them to uncover and leverage their competitive advantages, rebound, and thrive - even during these difficult economic times.

Rick helps merchants look at their stores the way their customers do.  He has an uncanny way of pinpointing retailer's issue and helps them discover innovative ways to combat today's challenges.  Rick's revitalization services help downtowns at two levels:

  1. The retailers themselves
  2. The downtown manager who needs to win over the trust of retailers

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