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"The overall attending ratings for your sessions were some of the best at the conference."

-Gregg Stewart,
PRSM Professional Retail Store Maintenance

Keynotes and Workshops

Be inspired by the Experience.

Provocative, interactive and often outrageously funny, we deliver substance in a very unique style. We uses humor, anecdote and everyday allegories to make it easy for people to absorb messages that are vitally important to their company. Maybe that's why so many leading retailers and groups, suppliers and manufacturers, service, product and trade associations listen to Rick to get results.

These sessions can and have transformed the business lives of hundreds of retailers. Rick & Matt are the speakers everyone remembers after the event and plays a critical role in helping all enjoy strong, enthusiastic attendance at their industry meetings.

Why Are There So Many Programs to Choose From?

Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson have written 18 books and have over 500 published articles, along with speaking over 2700 times. They have been asked to respond to specific needs for various types of clients which has birthed the articles, chapters, and the programs that you are about to see.

Every program that is described here represents hours of research, client and audience feedback, and is performance tested and audience evaluated. In short, these are NOT just program ideas, but rather winning presentations that have WOWed audiences around the world and have put smiles on the faces of the meeting planners who selected them.

This listing is divided into 2 parts:

  • The Featured Programs are our most popular and selected programs by meeting planners and audiences. These programs consistently score some of the highest evaluations wherever presented.
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  • The Catalog Programs are equally important. However, they are generally topics that might have been customized for a specific group or industry. Let these topics serve as a springboard to trigger ideas for customizing to your individual needs.
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And YES, we love to create new programs generated for your group (and that’s why we have as many programs as we do!) He feels some of his best programs are inspired by meeting planners ideas.

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