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Not only were we impressed with your presentation but also the time you took to meet everyone who attended. We look forward to working with you again.

staples logoBob Cummings,
Staples, General Manager
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Level 3 - In-Store Evaluation

Have your store evaluated by Rick Segel in person!

As Lessons from Apple video retailers, it is often difficult for us to view our stores objectively. We spend so much time in our stores, and we are so focused on making them work well that we become blind to the larger picture - yet the larger picture is what the customer sees. Rick Segel wants to help get us back in focus.

Our retail store evaluation plans are designed to give you an objective, outside perspective on your organization's biggest concerns. We offer three unique, affordable, and professional evaluations - all led by Rick Segel himself!

Our Retail Store Evaluation Plans include:

  1. Level 1 - Phone Evaluation: A minimum 1-hour call with Rick Segel to discuss your individual concerns and areas of improvement
  2. Level 2 - Phone Evaluation: Extended phone call with Rick Segel, involving a review of your company's entire marketing strategy from retail operations to web presence and beyond
  3. Level 3 - In-Person Visit: Pre-visit planning calls + 7-hour in-person evaluation by Rick Segel, involving a retail management action plan and evaluation of web presence, finances, store layout and more. Additionally, post-evaluation follow-up calls will make sure you're on track.
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